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What are the Pros and Cons of Microblading?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Everything in the world has the two sides, the darker one and the brighter one; we all get involved in such things though because we have to take risks to get what we want. However, sometimes we run away from many things when we find out the darker side about them because of fear for safety. So it is a matter of a choice, between taking a risk and the fear for safety. I cannot really help you to choose any of the sides but all I can do for you is to help you understand what both the darker side and the brighter side have to offer.

Microblading is a procedure which is meant for improving the looks of your eyebrows and the face in general, well, good looks are very important in creating confidence, if this is your strength, you might be tempted to ignore checking the cons of this process but it is a very important thing to know, sometimes you can just discover how to get past them. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of microblading;

Pros of Microblading

It makes you look better

We all do crazy things for looks, everyone can go the extra mile to make sure they look perfect and that is just fine because it is human nature. The best thing about microbalding is that it is designed to bring out the best of you if you have very scattered eyebrows and it just worries you, microblading easily fixes it because it makes everything dense hence no more worries. Microblading also enhances the color of the eyebrows that really compliments the tone of your skin and the color of the hair. This technique works just well for those people suffering from a disease that may lead to loss of hair since there is no hair needed to achieve this.

It is convenient and saves time

This method is quite convenient and time-saving, this is because you don’t need to waste time wearing your makeup every time you want to go out, all you do is wake up and leave. For at most three years you wouldn’t be thinking about dealing with your eyebrows and still, they won’t fail you, they will bring out the best of you offering neutrality and real beauty.

No pain

Unlike other methods involved like permanent eyebrow tattooing which are painful, microblading is not painful at all; this is because before the procedure begins, the esthetician induces numbness in the eyebrow making it quite painless. This is a big advantage to people who fear tattoos because of the pain that they come with it, for this, there is no pain especially if you find a qualified esthetician who has gone through thorough PMU training and they know how to do it right.

No special treatment needed

This technique is quite advantageous because you will need no special treatment after you heal from the process. This is because the pigment that is used doesn’t fade up easily; it takes quite a long time before another microblading service is needed.

Brings confidence

You are worried about your looks? You probably think you have funny eyebrows and it has just broken your confidence, that is normal and I can’t even try to talk you out of this. However, you can always fix that with microblading and after that, you can pick up your confidence again. And furthermore, it is not something that will go away just after one day or two, it lasts for a good time so you don’t need to get worried about tomorrow.

Cons of Microblading


Our body systems react to different substances differently, not everything that is good to another person’s body is good for yours, and you will always have to check. For microblading, there is the use of an organic pigment; your body might just be allergic to this pigment. For this reason, you will have to find an esthetician who has good PMU training, such technician will do a test on you first to determine if your body is compatible with the pigment. You cannot afford to make assumptions that it will work before doing a test.

Qualifications for the process

It is not just everyone that can undergo this process, there are certain conditions that may lock you out of this, for instance, if you are pregnant, it is recommended that you don’t take part in this process even if you want it badly. Other conditions that may lock you pout include; suffering from diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, hepatitis among other diseases. Since it is not recommended that you undertake this process if you are in such a condition then you cannot, this means you will not achieve what you want and that is the darker side of the process.

May cause infection

This is fully dependant on the type of technician working on you. If they are unqualified with no proper PMU training, they may cause infection. Microblading involves the use of very small needles that are used to fix the pigment on the eyebrows, if used on various people without thorough sterilization they may transfer some diseases and conditions like HIV and skin infections and that can be dangerous, however, if it is being done by a qualified technician, you won’t experience such things.

Relatively longer time to heal up.

It may take a little bit longer to heal up; it normally takes up to one month to fully heal up. If you are a busy person, this might inconvenience you in many ways. For this reason, this process might not be convenient for people who are expected to show up in the office daily and attend board meetings.

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