Microblading Classes

Microblading Classes—In a City Near You!

Microblading is a lucrative career opportunity, perfect for estheticians, artists, or anyone who has artistic ability and a desire to enter the beauty industry. Many anti-aging and beauty professionals add this semi-permanent makeup technique as an additional service offering, but it’s popular enough that it can be a solo career. If you can’t find microblading classes near you, we invite you to check our upcoming class schedule.


Learn From The Best 

Our microblading classes are run by a Licensed Microblading Instructor of The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics who has just under 20 years of experience. Our class size is small, and your training is hands-on with live models. Microblading students receive ongoing support if any questions arise after certification, which you will receive on day 2 of the course. 


2 Days For Certification 

Microblading360’s classes are 2 days long, from 10 am to 5 pm. The class costs $2,500 and includes your luxury starter kit—and enough needles and color to complete 10 full 3D eyebrow sessions. You will learn multiple techniques for natural hair stroke application, feather brows, ombré shading, and our signature Cherry’s Eye. We will teach you our signature 3-step process, which includes numbing, aimed at keeping your client as comfortable as possible. 


Launching Your Own Beauty Start-Up

We focus heavily on safety, hygiene, technique, and hands-on training—but include a few best practices to market your new beauty start-up. Many of our microblading students enter class planning to continue working for their current salon or spa and leave inspired to launch their own startup. While the nationwide average salary is currently between $60k and $90k, salary increases to $150k to $250k if you launch your own business. 


What Do You Need To Attend Class?

You must be 18 years old prior to the 1st day of class, have a copy of a valid photo ID, and provide proof of your blood-borne pathogens certificate. You must also be in full compliance with county health department requirements for sanitation and safety. Once you have your microblading certificate, you may need to obtain local licensing or certification to operate in your new field. 

Demand is on the rise for semi-permanent makeup and it’s a rewarding career that empowers you to ensure your clients look and feel their best. Learn more here!

Thinking of becoming a certified microblading professional? Find training here