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Microblading Steps

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Microblading has become a very popular cosmetic procedure among modern-day stylish women. If you are interested in undergoing a microblading procedure, and wondering about the steps involved with it, keep reading this article. Step 01: Initial consultation During the first step, the microblading artist will observe the shape of the natural brows and decide what sort of microblading is required. Be sure that you visit the artist with your natural eyebrows. Step 02: Taking the measurements Once the observation is done and the important aspects are discussed (and agreed), the artist will measure your brows. They will use special caliper rulers to assure precise positioning. The artist will discuss the outcome you expect. Apart from that, the artist will even recommend some best-matching brows styles to your face and lifestyle. Step 03: Sketching with a pencil Once both parties are agreed on a style, the artist will sketch the eyebrows using a pencil. This sketching is done for the convenience of the artist so don’t get upset if the sketch looks too thick or dark. Step 04: preparing the color tone The color of the eyebrows will be prepared once the sketching is done. It should match the natural skin tone of your face so your microblading artist will do it very carefully. Step 05: Starting the tattooing process This can be the most challenging part for the majority of the clients. It is true that the treated area will be numbed by applying a numbing gel. However, you will feel somewhat nervous until your artist creates the first couple of lines on the brows. But the good news is that your body will adjust to the sensation very soon. So, you don’t have to be alarmed about any pain. Also, there are some artists who don’t numb the area saying that it will affect the end result. Even if the area is not numbed, there will not be any pain. Also, it is suggested that you take the appropriate dose of paracetamol one hour before the treatment to make it more comfortable. The artist will continue to create hairline strokes on your skin with the blade with her microblade knife. As the procedure goes on, your body will get used to the feeling so everything will be normal. It is normal for your eyebrows to become red after the lines are created. That will fade away gradually after a few hours. Step 06: Allowing it to heal You will be given a series of instructions by your microblading artist once the procedure is completed. You must adhere to those post-treatment instructions without fail. It will take about 10-14 days for the skin to be completely healed. Step 07: Touching it up Once the skin is completely healed, you are good to proceed with your normal routine. However, after about 08 weeks, you must book another appointment with your artist to check the progress of the procedure and do any touchups if required.

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