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Things you Need to Keep in Mind Before Choosing to get Microblading

What is permanent makeup?

This is a technique used in cosmetics to give a person artificial permanent colors on different parts of the body, majorly the eyebrows and lips as an alternative permanent makeup. The created designs show almost an exact resemblance to the natural one. This is also an important method that can help one in getting back the facial features that have been lost.

To whom is this method best for?

  • If you have lost your hair, this can be for various reasons, it can be maybe because of chemotherapy process or may be just because of old age, for instance if one looses their eyebrows, they can use this method to still keep their face in shape.

  • If someone is allergic to other conventional makeup; sometimes people can have allergic reactions if they use convectional makeup daily, the only thing they will have to do is to resolve to permanent method which might not have an effect to them, by doing this, and they won’t suffer everyday from allergic reactions.

  • If one looses their eyes in an accident or a condition, for these people, they will have no choice but to resolve to permanent makeup, with this they won’t struggle everyday to put on their makeup since they can’t see at all.

  • Career, this can affect the choice of this method, those people who are having careers that involve a lot of physical involvement, just like footballers, runners and many others, this group of people will have to resolve to permanent makeup, it might be difficult to wear the conventional makeup because their exercises are quite vigorous and they sweat a lot.

  • Those people who are very busy, some lifestyle can be quite demanding, you might not have time everyday to wear makeup, for that reason you will need a permanent makeup which can be very convenient.

  • This method can also be used on people who want to hide their scars; it will come in handy by inducing a pigment in the skin that will cover up the scar.

How safe is the method?

Well, this is the first thing you should consider before taking a step to get into this method. Safety is the key in everything that one has to indulge in. on this safety issue it really depends on who is carrying out the process, if the esthetician is qualified and they have permanent makeup training then you are good to go because it is a basic requirement for a beautician to have to be able to carry out their job perfectly. If the process is carried in according to the requirements, then it is a very safe method, but if all the requirements are not met there can be safety issues. So it is advisable that you need to be careful when you have to choose a beautician to work on you.

  • It can be removed but complicated.

The main reason why this method is considered permanent it is because it can be very hard to remove it, you will even develop complications in the process, the removal process uses lesser beams, and this explains why it is very much expensive and also quite painful to go through the removal process. Another thing is that the removal process can take a lot of time; you will have to pay several visits for you to finally remove the ink completely. For this reason it is advisable that you get very certain that you want this method before you choose it, alternatively, you can start with applying a lighter color and go darker in successive sessions when you are quite sure that you want it.

  • It can be painful.

This method can be a bit painful because it does not make use of anesthetic argents which provides numbness, however the amount of pain really depends on the sensitivity of your skin, if your skin is much sensitive to pain it means the process will be much painful, but if your skin is less sensitive to pain it means you will feel less pain. But generally there is some irritation whatsoever. This is why you will need a qualified esthetician who has a permanent makeup training to be able to deal with it.

  • Naturality

This method involves inducing of ink in the deep dermis of the skin, the color of the ink is chosen according to the tone of the skin and the color of the hair, this makes it look like it is really natural, and the small undoing is that the color induced in the skin doesn’t look exactly like the eyebrow hairs. For this reason this methods not as natural as other methods are like microblading in which the pigment is made to resemble small hair strokes hence looking more natural than the permanent makeup method.

  • It is durable

Just as the name of the method suggests, it is like a permanent method, this is because the ink used in the method can last up to five years without going for a touch-up, this is unlike other methods which only takes a short time and they fade off. However the ink used on the skin can fade and once it does, it will need to be touched-up, but that is after a very long time.

To sum up this, you have realized hoe this method can be good on you; also there are very many advantages as well as advantages of this method that have been covered and the disadvantages too. Finally this method can be very delicate if you just don’t find the best beautician who has had permanent makeup training to help you out with the process.

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