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Microblading VS. Permanent Makeup

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Both microblading and permanent makeup are cosmetic procedures that are used to enhance the physical appearance of a person. However, these two aspects have some significant differences and we mention them below for your reference. Permanent makeup can be applied to all the areas of the face such as lips and eyes in addition to brows. However, microblading targets your eyebrows only. Permanent makeup is usually done through various electrical devices that are pretty similar to the machines used by regular tattoo artists. On the other hand, microblading uses a tool that is pretty similar to an X-Acto knife. So, that doesn’t require any electricity or battery to operate and it is completely a manual process. Microblading Microblading started to become popular pretty recently because of the attractive benefits it delivers to the client. Microblading procedures target eyebrows which are the most significant facial feature of your face. One of the key reasons for the popularity of the microblading procedures could be that it is a relatively new cosmetic procedure. Basically, the results of a microblading procedure are expected to last for up to 03 years only. It will gradually wear off within three years of the treatment. That is exactly why it is called a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. The reason for this “semi-permanent” characteristic is that the ic uses a hand tool. Permanent makeup artists use various electrical devices (which are similar to the ones used by tattoo artists) whereas the microblading artists use a hand tool that has an interesting-looking blade. Thanks to the use of hand tools, microblading artists can maintain an excellent amount of precision. As a result, they can create perfect scrapes to represent natural-looking brows. The main characteristic of a microblading procedure is the ultra-realistic appearance it gives. Permanent Makeup In simplest terms, permanent makeup is the process of creating cosmetic tattoos. What makes it different from microblading is that permanent makeup artist uses needles and various other artistic tattoo machinery to accomplish the results. They expect to enhance the facial features of the client by implanting pigments and dyes with the use of those needles and other electric tools. In most cases, permanent cosmetic procedures target eyeliners, lips, and even eyebrows. You can even expect permanent eyeshadow or blush but they are not as common as the previously mentioned procedures. Permanent makeup procedures can be known in different other names as well. For instance, some individuals call it intradermal pigmentation or permanent cosmetics. Permanent makeup is often received by women. However, even men make use of permanent makeup in certain instances. One of the main reasons for women to receive this type of treatment is to save time. Conclusion Both microblading and permanent makeup have their pros and cons. So, if you are thinking of getting either of those treatments, the best approach is to consult your beauty therapist and explain your requirements clearly. Your therapist will explain all the consequences associated with each procedure and may even recommend the most appealing procedure after considering your lifestyle and other facts.

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