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Microblading Aftercare

In simplest terms, microblading is a cosmetic procedure that is used to enhance your eyebrows’ appearance. It is also known as feature touch in the industry.

It takes a well-trained professional to perform a microblading cosmetic procedure. The person who carries out a microblading procedure uses a special knife-like tool to draw very fine lines in the brows. Hundreds of finest lines will be drawn in the brows and bring the appearance of your natural eyebrow hair. The results of this treatment will last at least 18 months (some may even last up to three years). During the microblading procedure, the special pigment will be implanted into the fine cuts that are made using the knife. The pigmentation within the cuts looks like natural eyebrow hair. Once you have received the treatment, there are some special aftercare treatments to follow to bring optimal results and avoid potential side-effects. What you must do after a microblading treatment?

After receiving the microblading treatment, you must be smart enough to follow the post-treatment care provided by your microblading artist. Taking care of the treated area after a microblading procedure is pretty similar to how you deal with a tattoo. Soon after the pigments are applied, the lines will become pretty dark. The skin underneath the brow will start to appear in red. Once you have received the treatment, wait for about two hours. Then, get a clean cotton swab and dip it in sterilized water. Just touch the treated area extremely gently with the wet cotton swab to remove the excess pigments on the brows. Make sure that you don’t wash the area until the lines are perfectly healed. Depending on your skin, it will take anywhere between 7-14 days for the lines to heal. Be sure to follow the instructions mentioned below to take care of the skin after microblading. Don’t wash your brow area at least for about 10 days. So, you will have to keep your face dry even if you have a shower. Never put your makeup on for a weak at the least. If you do, that’s a disturbance for the pigments to settle. Never itch, massage, or scratch the eyebrow area even if it is so tempting. Don’t go for saunas, workouts, swimming, etc. until the cuts are completely healed and you have met the microblading artist for a follow-up. You must keep your hair away from the treated area (which is the brow line). If your microblading artist has provided you a cream or an ointment, be sure to apply it as instructed. Most microblading artists say that it is necessary to get a touch-up. This should be done at least once a year to maintain the appearance as natural as possible. Once the skin is perfectly healed, you must use a sunscreen to the treated area so the fading will be minimized. Please note that the lifespan of your microblading is subjected to change depending on your skin type.

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