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Building Customer Relations Takes Time In The Microblading Industry

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The customer relation extends beyond her the microblading application. Treat the customer like royalty, providing the value of money. The treatment must be consistent. The saloon must be willing to go that extra mile. It is only a satisfied customer that would return.

Building Successful Microblading Customer Relations After the Application

Microblading After-Care Branding

There is always an after-sales service that would keep the customer with the saloon. For this, the salon can compliment her and take time to advise and highlight the value of maintaining these eyebrows. The salon can offer an after-care set. To increase sales aftercare packages should be presented after application. An after-care guide should help the customer take care of her eyebrows with your business branding on the application. It is important to educate the customer on the proper application and removal procedures. Demonstrate proper cleansing motions and techniques.

The customer must be advised to use cosmetic products that are compatible with their needs. Introduce some microblade after-care samples. A concealer to be used at the end of the application. It will help the skin look flawless. Impress the client by complimenting her on her makeup. Track the purchase of the products that have been bought at the saloon in relation to the application. Get correspondence of customers to offer exclusive savings. The shelf life of the product that is sold to the client must be followed. The use of effective sales tools and careful management of the inventory of the salon can grow the business.

The salon should follow up with customers after purchase to show ongoing value. Schedule the next microblading touch up if necessary. Remind the customer that they need to visit the salon for treatment. Provide a combination of promotions to entice the customer. Communication is key to building loyalty thus follow up with the customer on the extensions. Follow up with past conversations. The closer the communication the greater the chances of a second visit.

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