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Microblade360's Mission

Microblade360's mission is:

  • For Training

    • Help train licensed individuals who would like to get into the microblading industry​

    • Assist in fast-tracking new qualified microblading professionals by helping them get connected with potential clients via the Microblade360 Certified Network and build their portfolio

  • For Small Business Owners

    • Help small business owners grow their microblading clientele​

    • Provide an additional stream of microblading clients

  • For Clients

    • Give microblading clients a vast variety of qualified microblading professionals with various styles to choose from in their area​

    • Make it easy to choose a microblading professional by looking at all results of microblading professionals in the area

    • Provide crystal clear honest reviewing from clients

    • Educate clients on the microblading process

    • Provide quality assurance measures for members within the Microblade360 Certified Network

Through improving the overall quality of service and by centralizing the microblading experience, Microblade360 plans on massively growing the microblading industry. 

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