Menlo Park, California

Become A Professional Lash Stylist In Menlo Park, California

Embark on a career in applying for eyelash extensions in San Leandro by enrolling in one of our certification courses. We offer lash extension classes for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. No matter the level, each class is expertly designed to contain the perfect combination of online learning and comprehensive hands-on training. Coming soon, we will also have a lash professional directory which will allow licensed professionals to be found by thousands of lash clients in the San Leandro area. Anyone in need of financial aid for our courses can also take advantage of our payment plans.

Note: In order to be eligible for our classes, you must be a student or licensed professional in the dental, health, medical, or beauty industries. You are also ineligible to enroll if you plan to offer eyelash extensions in a nail salon, regardless of credentials.

Classic + Beginners Volume - 2 Day Course in San Leandro

Classic + Volume Lash  training for beginners. This training will give you all the beginning basics to get you started on your path to Lash Artistry. You will be taught all of the proper techniques and methods that will be used to successfully complete beautiful classic and volume lash sets. Our training are very hands-on and will give you the solid foundation you need to be a great Lash Artist. and how to build your clientele and keep them coming back. You will learn theory, classic hands-on, volume hands-on, fan making, mannequin practice, then move to live model practice. Please have one model for the second day of training, they will need to arrive at the shop at 11:00 am.

Don’t be fooled by low priced lash training offering you the world and completely underdelivering on their promise. Check our reviews and compare them!

Eyelash Training Video

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